Nederland Colorado Cabin Wedding : Luke + Alyssa

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer is getting to hear all about my bride and groom's unique love stories. They're all so special and I'm so honored to be able to capture such real, pure love. As soon as I met Luke and Alyssa, I could just tell that they were made for each other. They both have such kind hearts and you could feel the love between them.

I asked Alyssa how her and Luke met and she said that her and Luke’s story goes back before they even met each other. Luke is a Colorado boy and Alyssa is a Missouri girl. Alyssa said, "As a kid, we visited Colorado almost every year. To me, Colorado, was beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking. This state and its beautiful mountains captivated my heart as a very young girl. Deep down in my heart I always knew it would be some place special for me in my future."


She went on by saying, "Luke grew up surrounded by the wonderful mountains of Colorado and never really thought much of Missouri until one of his brothers, Sam, moved there for college. Well, it just so happens, Sam and I ended up going to the same small college for undergrad.  Even though Sam and I knew each other and Luke visited semi regularly, at this point I had never met him. After graduation, I moved back to my home town to start my masters program while Sam ended up moving back to Colorado."

After finishing her masters degree, Alyssa traveled the world. She ended up traveling to over 20 different countries and living in Spain for awhile. It was a life changing time for her. Travel was exciting and enticing, but her heart still longed for Colorado.


After all of her travels, she packed up everything she could fit in her car and headed towards those beautiful mountains with no job, but a peace in her heart knowing something huge was in store for her. Shortly after moving to Boulder, she started looking for a church to attend and she reconnected with Sam and his family. It turns out him and his wife were in the process of opening a church and cafe, Eclectic Cafe and Gallery, in Louisville, CO. She knew she had to try it! So the next week, she stepped into that adorable little coffee shop having no idea how drastically her life was about to change.

Luke was there that evening. One night was all it took, they were both hooked and Alyssa knew almost instantly he was the man for her. He was the man she never thought actually existed in the world. She found herself using two words she never thought she would say, soul mate. He was and always will be her person, her better half.


Growing up Alyssa always heard people say, when you know you know. Every time she heard that she had to fight an eye roll. Being a very logical and research based person, she fully believed every huge life changing thing like that should be processed over a length of time in every possible scenario. She always believed she would never get married without dating someone at least year. While she still sees some logic in that, she also finds it very humorous.


Alyssa said, "Luke and I knew each other for less than nine months before getting married. We dated for only three and a half months before getting engaged and we were engaged for less than three months! But I knew, I knew long before our first date I would marry him."


When I asked Alyssa how she knew Luke was the one, she said "There were so many factors that helped me know he was the one for me. I am not sure if I could break it down scientifically, like I wish I could, but I can say for certain one of the things that made me fall so quickly were his eyes. He is the most compassionate, loving, and protective person I know. You can see it in all his actions and how he treats everyone around him; however, I noticed it first in his eyes, especially in the way he looked at me, like I was the only thing in the world."


Hearing about a couples proposal story is my absolute favorite! When I asked Alyssa to tell the story, she said, "The week he proposed was a rough one for me. It was one of those weeks were nothing seemed to go right and by nothing I mean even the big things. Luke wanted to do something special, but simple and non stressful for me."


She continued by saying, "To fully understand the engagement story, I must tell you a little background. As I mentioned earlier, I lived in Spain for awhile. San Sebastian, Spain is and will always be one of my most favorite places in this world and my time there was such a powerful influence in my life. When I first got back to the states I had a lot of adjusting to do. While I loved the mountains and Colorado, I missed my little seaside city in Spain. I missed the Spanish stress free lifestyle. I missed the food. But, what did I missed most of all? Cortados! First off you must know, I am obsessed with coffee. Obsessed. Cortados are an espresso drink from Spain and in my opinion, the best coffee drink of all time."


"When I first got to Boulder I thought I would never find my little slice of Spain in America and I most certainly never thought I would find a Cortado. But then I found Cured. It is a gourmet grocery store with many products from Europe, including the ability to make Cortados. The moment I walked into this place I got teary eyed. It was the moment I knew I could really do life here in Colorado and that I would love it. This all happened before I met Luke, however, he knows the story and he knows how special the store is for me."


"The morning he proposed, he came to my apartment for what I thought would be a quick visit before the day proceeded to be crazy like the rest of the week had been. Instead of hanging out at my apartment, he decided we should go for a walk. So, we walked and talked and life and our future. On this walk he led me to Cured where he then ordered each of us a Cortado. As we sat and drank our coffee, I remember thinking I could get through any craziness life would throw at me, as long as I him by my side."


"After we finished our coffee, our free time together for the day was coming to a close, so we started to walk back to my apartment. We were walking through this little adorable park next to my old apartment when I joking said something about being the worst girlfriend ever. He stopped and turned towards me. He got this adorable smirk on his face, the one he always gets when he is up to something. And he said something along the lines of, “No your not and you never will be.  In fact, I believe you are quite the opposite. I believe you are the best girlfriend in the world. In fact, the reason I brought you here today was to give you a promotion if you will accept."


"Then he proceeded to tell me all the reasons why he loves me. It was adorable. It was sweet. It was simple. It was so us. "


"I wish I could remember every word he said to me that day. I don’t. My memory is too horrible, but I will never forget the way he made me feel when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I always knew I would marry him, but actually having it happen was surreal. It was perfection, just as he is perfection to me."


Alyssa's wedding day style was vintage casual.  Her dad refinished antiques.  From as long as she can remember, she has loved antiques and all things vintage.  Her wedding would not have been hers without a touch of vintage.  As much as she loves vintage, especially all things Victorian, however, she wanted their wedding to be relaxing, fun, and casual. Her colors were neutral with touches of light/blush pink.


Alyssa described her wedding planning process to be not the smoothest, but her and Luke kept the attitudes that they were going to have fun and not stress. Alyssa said, "In the process of our short engagement, Luke and I moved to a different city and started different jobs. Normally I am an extremely detail oriented person who adores every part of planning, but I have to say planning our wedding was not the smoothest process. However, Luke and I were both determined to have fun and do our best not to stress about it. We knew going into it not everything would be perfect. It never is even in the best of circumstances, even when planning time was so limited like ours."


Alyssa's tips for other brides was to allow yourself plenty of time and if you can prevent it, try not to have several life major changes happen at the same time as your wedding. She also said, "Have fun! Find someone you trust to field questions for you. I have heard of people doing this the day of the wedding, which is wonderful, but I would suggest it even as much as the week leading up to the wedding. Things are crazy that week and extra questions from many different sources can be difficult and even overwhelming. For me, it was much easier having one person coming to me with questions and I made sure that person was always up to date on all things wedding. This allowed them to answer many questions without even needing to relay the question to me."


Alyssa's gorgeous, vintage dress was actually from her maid of honor and was purchased at David's Bridal. Alyssa said, "When Luke and I first got engaged, we were really struggling financially. But, we were so lucky to have so many people help support us to make our wedding happen! The dress is simple, but elegant with a vintage feel. The cream color and the bedding help to add the vintage touch I really wanted. "


Cake: Whole Foods
Venue + Catering: Private Cabin
Photography: Sarah Tribett Photographers